New Games Can Turn into a Whole New Adventure

It's sometimes called domino qiu qiu, QQ or kiu kiu. The name is just one of many things that one really can't take for granted about this Indonesian casino game. But there is one universal that people can count on. No matter what one calls the game it's sure to be fun. And the fact that one can't bring too many assumptions to the table is just part of the adventure.

Again, it's important to stress that the rules for QQ tend to vary on a location by location basis. House rules aren't that uncommon within most card or domino based games. But QQ tends to take this idea to a whole new level. But with that caveat out of the way we can begin to examine some of the game's fundamentals. These are aspects of QQ which will usually be present within any given location.

Dominos form the foundation of any game of QQ. However, the dominos can come in one of two different forms. In the west QQ tends to use traditional dominos. But in the games native land of Indonesia it's just as common to see disposable cards acting in place of dominos. However, the differences are merely cosmetic. The small disposable cards are direct one to one representations of a domino set.

The first round begins after every player puts their wager into the communal betting pool. After a wager has been put down the players are dealt dominos. Every player will proceed by deciding on whether to initiate a new bet, call, fold or raise their existing wager. Players who didn't fold will then receive a fourth domino.

After this point the players enter a new round. As one might expect, the betting pool goes in full to the player with the highest total for his or her dominos. Again, it's important to keep in mind that house rules may change any and all aspects of QQ. But at its heart, QQ is usually fairly straightforward.

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